Top Linux Distros in 2017

It’s been a while for the rise of Linux based operating systems commonly called Distros/Distrubutions. With lots lots of improvements in the graphics and display qualities, Linux based OSes are gaining huge popularity and users day by day. I, myself, am writing this article using the Linux distro named Linux Mint which is pretty much user friendly. Linux distros are very much configurable and customizable unlike Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Also, Linux distros are well known for flexibility, open source and security.

There are numerous Linux distros to choose from. They can be suitable for various range of users. A distro suitable for one user may not satisfy the need of the other. But, it’s pretty sure that the distro can be easily configured for his needs or else he/she can go for other distros. So, now listing the top distros for general computer users in 2017.

  1. Linux Mint
  2. Manjaro
  3. Elementary OS
  4. Ubuntu
  5. Knoppix
  6. Debian
  7. Fedora
  8. Arch Linux
  9. Remix OS
  10. Tails OS


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